Easter Egg Hunt

Easter Egg Hunt

The student union held an Easter Egg Hunt spanning across the entire university!

At 11am students were lined up to receive their scavenger hunt sheet. Every sheet had a list of clues leading to buildings around LSBU.

Here’s a few examples for you to crack:

(Answers are at the bottom of the page)

A. If you’re finding this hard, don’t shed a tear? Look in the place where you can buy a beer.

If that was too easy, try this one:

B. Try again, you might not be wrong? Check the place where you can play ping pong.


“Even as a third year, I didn’t know this place existed! I was running around like a headless chicken.” 

– Kat Colangelo

When students arrived at the location, there were little chick’s sitting in paper easter eggs with a letter on the front. Once all letters were collected students had to unscramble them to make a word. Then, make their way back to the student union and receive their prize! Let me give you a hint of what the prize was … Easter EGG Hunt… A chocolate easter egg of their choice!


A. The Venue Bar
B. Clarence Centre Courtyard

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