A warm welcome to the Filipino Society

A warm welcome to the Filipino Society

One of the advantages of living in London is its immense diversity and London South Bank University is no exception. For the first time, LSBU has introduced their Filipino society this September 2017.

This is led by Theodor Cantero a first-year adult nursing student from Luton. He has actively taken this opportunity to promote the Filipino culture in the student community here in LSBU.

The main goal of the society

To support Filipino students to integrate better with their student life. To make the society more inclusive, its further aim is to also create a platform to introduce Filipino cultures to other LSBU students.

Week 1

The first seven days the society has gained twenty students. Within that week, the group have hosted two successful events to get the members to meet their new colleagues and future friends. If this isn’t enough, the committee has also worked on getting a partnership with a local Filipino restaurant/bar for a discounted price for members of the Filipino society. 

Verdicts from new members of the Filipino Society

Sarina Limbu, 1st year Adult Nursing:

“Firstly, I would like to give applause to Theo for his determination for stepping up and introducing such a great society to our university. I had a wonderful time being a member of the society; it was an excellent way to integrate with new people from the Philippines. I hope the society keeps growing and bringing in more people together.”

Carolina Gutierrez, 1st year Adult Nursing:

“Not only did the Filipino society bring Filipinos from LSBU together, but it also introduced people from other nationalities to the Filipino culture which brought us all together as we managed to get along with each other really easily.”

Message from the Vice President of Activites and Employability

“London South Bank Students’ Union and I are looking forward to seeing more from this society and the wonderful events they will be hosting. Congratulations to Theo for creating and leading a highly successful society. ” 

Find out more here

If you want to be part of the Filipino Society or want to know more click on the link here which will take you to our LSBSU page. Check out our Facebook page for constant updates. 

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