10 tips you need to know for Freshers

10 tips you need to know for Freshers

With Freshers fast approaching, we here at the SU are getting excited to meet you all and have some Freshers fun! If you’re anything like me and liked to be prepared for all eventualities, then take a look at this quick guide for tips that you may find useful during the hectic Freshers period.

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  • Rule number one (endorsed by our President): Bring a spare pair of trainers/comfy shoes to events off campus. Ladies, I know how amazing those new heels you bought look, but at 3 o’clock in the morning, limping home from The Blue Eyed Maid after a night of Karaoke and dancing, you will be thankful for those skinny plimsolls you kept in your bag to carry you the rest of the way to bed.
  • Check out Freshers fair: Freshers fair this year will be held on Kell St as well as the Student Union and London Road buildings and will be the place to be if you truly want to immerse yourself in the university experience; there will be stalls from sports and societies to sign up to, volunteering opportunities, freebies and many many friendly faces to get to know! Check out Kat’s blog on
  • Join social media groups: There are plenty of social media groups for Freshers this year so to keep up to date with whats going on and where then give them a look! You may also find some like-minded people to attend events with. Check out our Facebook, Twitter and Instagram feeds for more information and don’t forget to add us (your full time officers) to keep up to date with where we are and what we’re doing.
  • Keep in mind the Student Finance Schedule: Unless you are extremely lucky, your loans/ grants/ bursaries will not grace your bank account as soon as you set foot on campus. Make sure you can still have a brilliant time without relying on that time-sensitive loan.
  • Keep some spare cash for emergencies: On a night out having a spare £10 for a taxi or something to eat in the early hours of the morning will be the best decision you make.
  • Figure out the campus: The Borough Road and London Road buildings were pretty confusing to me when I started; so many small and winding corridors, so little time to find your lecture! Make a point to get yourself orientated with the layout of the buildings you’re most likely to be in to save the embarrassment of strolling into your first lecture of the semester 20 minutes late. Also, figure out where the Union is based and where the bar is (The Student Centre). Check out my feature on navigating the halls on campus to get a head start. (Coming soon)
  • Know when the last train home is: Whether you’re living in halls or commuting, knowing the time of the last train home will be a huge help in planning an excellent Freshers night out. Have a look at the following link to find out your first and last trains of the day;  tfl.gov.uk
  • Keep valuables safe: As stupid as this sounds, if you’re having a great time out it can be easy to lose your phone or put your wallet down somewhere. When you move onto the next place always do the check; wallet, phone, keys (and comfy shoes if you brought them). The last thing you want to do on a Sunday morning is retrace your steps because you didn’t come home with your bag; Believe me, I’ve done it more than once!
  • Branch out and be friendly!: It can be tempting to latch onto the first flatmate that you see when you move in. Remember; everyone is in the same boat! If someone is in the Venue bar or at an event- 9/10 they want to make new friends. So strike up a conversation, find out what course they’re doing, what else they’re planning on attending during Freshers.
  • Get involved and Have Fun!

    Seriously, enjoy yourself! Freshers is a brilliant time of year and I’m going to be getting involved in a lot of events! Your other full-time officers will be there too! So if you see one of us, give us a wave and see what else the Union can do for you during freshers!

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