10 Simple and Fun Holiday Fundraising Ideas

10 Simple and Fun Holiday Fundraising Ideas

Are you taking advantage of the most charitable time of the year by spreading the holiday cheer to your donators? It’s a fact in the nonprofit industry, that people are more likely to donate at the end of the year. So use the holiday season to influence your fundraising. 

Christmas is 10 days away, so here are 10 ideas on how to fundraise over the Christmas break:

1 Catered Holiday Dinner or Potluck

Invite your friends, colleagues, or family over for a Christmas feast. You could have it catered, cook yourself or ask your guests to bring a dish. Charge your guests for coming over. You will have a good night filled with Christmas cheer, as well as raise some money for your charity.

2 Holiday Games Night

A games night can include Christmas charades, holiday crafts to a Christmas pub quiz! The possibilities are endless. You could host this in your home with your friends or at a local village hall and open it to the public. Encourage donations for the event with a suggested amount but open to any donation. Provide holiday and snacks to entice your group.

3 Bag Packing at supermarkets

Bag packing in a local supermarket can be a really easy way to raise money! First things first, think about the supermarkets that you would benefit from the most. The bigger the better! This means there are more checkouts to move back and forth from. Next, speak to a store manager or a senior manager in the store and talk about your fundraising and the charity. Finally, get a team together or decide to go solo, choose a day and wear a Christmas jumper to celebrate the festivities.

4 Utilising Giving Tuesday

Known as #GivingTuesday, Giving Tuesday is about hosting a wide range of fundraising campaigns that run on a Tuesday. This is also used by fundraisers to ask friends, family and donators to donate the Tuesday before Christmas. Ask that “instead of giving a present this Christmas, donate to my fundraising site and help support my cause”.

5 Create your own Christmas decorations and sell them.

Get a little creative and start creating presents or decorations that you could sell. Simple ideas such as ornaments, tree skirts, and even wreaths. But don’t stop there. Why not think of making some baked gingerbread men or mince pies and go around your neighbourhood selling them.

6 Offer to do a Christmas challenge

Facing one of your fears is a great way to raise money around this time of year. You could let your friends decide what you do or choose it yourself. Several good options include holding a spider (argh!), performing at an open mic, go without makeup for a month, or dye your hair a neon colour. You decide!

7 Gift wrapping station

Something I have always wanted to try is setting up a gift wrapping station in a shopping centre. I’ve heard it’s very successful. All you need is to contact the shopping centre/department store and have a range of paper, gift tags and ribbons. I’ve investigated and apparently, it’s best to charge per item depending on its size.

8 Christmas Carol Service

Carolling is guaranteed to get people into the festive spirit. Reach out to any friends or family members to find out who has musical talent to share, or team up with a local music school. You could look into booking a public square or go door to door.

9 Fundraise on Christmas Day

I recommend not directly asking for donations but update your supports with thank you messages and link it with sending a Christmas greeting to everyone. On Christmas day, many people are using their mobiles and are incredibly active on Facebook and other social media channels, while they are enjoying the Christmas break.

10 Make the most of the week after Christmas

Some people take off the whole week between Christmas Day and New Year’s Day. This means an unusual amount of spare time. This period is known as Twixtmas by some. Look at arranging a Winter sponsored walk? Or even popping into shops and ask them to donate their unwanted Christmas presents.

No matter what you look to do, we here at iBank Media, wish you a very Merry Christmas!

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